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Happy Tuesday,

Ive found myself in a bit of a dilemma! An old company I used to work at reached out to me randomly and told me about a new opportunity they have. Really big company, great benefits (education), etc.

Long story short -  I interviewed, got an offer, accepted the offer & put in my two weeks' notice at my current employer.

My current employer counter offered (even beat the new offer) however, I still accepted the new offer because of the great benefits. For example, my current employer offers $1,200 in certifications/training and the company in which I would be leaving to offers $7,000 for certifications/training. Addiotnallly since I work in the realm of gov contracts, this new company has a brand new 5-year contract where I would get to be one of the lead engineers/operations managers and help develop processes from day one and would lead to great experiences.

However, fast forward to today. My current boss reached out to me and told me about some new work that is coming down the pipe and asked me again if I would like to stay and take back my two weeks' notice. I mentioned my reasons for leaving and I was told that they can easily help with this by allowing me to develop a new training program for the company which would allow for more than $7,000 per year. Also, this new work at the current company would allow me to gain the experience of being able to start a project from scratch.

A bit more detail/summary:
Both Titles: Cloud Operations Manager/Lead Cloud Operations Engineer
Current Employer: AWS, Azure, Security Operations, Current processes in place but the new project would allow me to help shape processes
New Employer: AWS, Security Operations, No Processes yet so I can shape from day one

I'm very stuck at what I should do. Please help me! Any insight/mentorship would be greatly appreciated.



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