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Aloha guys, I'm planning to transition out of the military next year and move into another career. Trying to decide between a graduate degree in cybersecurity or data science. 
Regarding cybersecurity, I have been aware of STI's MSISE with all the GIAC certs one could earn at its completion. 
Looking at a cost comparison, it is pricier than other places I could attend like UT Austin or UMUC..., but cheaper than say Berkley at 73000$ for their master's. 

Is the comparison valid for ROI to contemplate STI vs Berkley or others? 
Factors for my thought process is the certs to be earned as well as the reputation of the institute in the industry apparently. 

How to pay for it will be another question (potential corporate tuition reimbursement as I've almost exhausted my GI Bill money) 


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    The ROI of each is highly dependent on the individual and their goals.  Have you defined the outcomes you are seeking and reviewed how each program could potentially help you accomplish them?
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    Apologize for not answering your question but if you haven't heard the VetSuccess Academy Program that SANS offers to eligible transitional service members and Vets then you might consider checking them out. Although, the program is only for GIAC certs and not for Graduate degree. Another option is Onward to opportunity which offer one free certification voucher and training. 

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    Check if STI will let you waive some classes if you already have certain GIAC certs. If so, you could get some of those certs using the VetSuccess Academy Program and other veterans training programs before enrolling in STI. That would save you some time and money in the STI MSISE program.
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    Thanks all. 
    I attended one of their admissions webinars and they said they will waive some courses for CISSP and PMP holders.
    I don't have any GIAC certs and can't afford them, so I will wait to apply to the Vetsuccess Academy before enrolling. I can't do that yet until I get out and I can't plan for it now because they've halted their courses due to COVID.
    So we'll see what next year has in store.  
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