My situation now. (Do I still have a shot at I.T?)

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I was in community college and worked in the I.T department as a work study student for a few weeks due to me being fired for hacking, learned all I could in that short time. I didn't finish my degree because the school closed down due to COVID. I ended up getting a job at a warehouse that is not related to I.T just to keep some money in my pocket. To sum it all up, will I still have a shot at I.T with the experience that I have and a CCNA R&S certification? I will finish my associates degree in I.T too in the future. But right now all I have is a few weeks of experience in the I.T department (learned technical and soft skills) and a CCNA certification soon. Thanks guys, hope you're all doing well.


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    I think you do, but it's going to be tough. It's tough to break in to the industry in normal circumstance, not it's even harder due to Covid. But yes, you definitely have a shot.

    Your biggest challenge is lack of experience so you'll need to do whatever it takes to get some experience under your belt (through volunteering, internship, online projects/lab work, etc).

    Good luck and keep us posted with your progress

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    Of course you will have a shot. +1 for the recommendations by @UnixGuy.
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    Yes, you have a shot! A little experience is much better than none! Brush up, start studying and work on more certifications....Good Luck
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    What happened that you got fired? Just curious for when you get into an interview.
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