Failed SY0 501

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In case anyone needed a laugh—I didn't even get past question 5. Keep in mind I did this while in the luxury of my adobe.

I checked in early, got myself started, clicked through all the agreements, and then BAM—nature calls in. Thought I could cruise through but by the time I got to the fifth question, I had to take cover in the oval office. It was pure bliss until I got back to my "station". I had called the "proctor" to beg for release before dashing to my sanctuary. I told them what happened, they said they had to stop the exam, I lost $349—all so that I could tell a proctor that I had a weak bladder.

Congrats Pearson/CompTIA, you win.


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P.S. - I have some "backup funds" I acquired in case something stupid like this happened, so I will be scheduling my retake in the coming week if not 2 weeks. No point in delaying it further if I was ready now.


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    Meh, it happens. Maybe next time have some empty water bottles below just in case. I would. Good luck next time!
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    So, I took my Security+ again about a month ago (had taken twice before just to renew before expiring). This post stuck with me so much that I made darn sure that I was not going to run into the same issue. I barely drank any liquids that whole morning, and I made sure that I visited the restroom just before taking the test. 
    By the end of the exam, I was soooo thirsty it wasn't even funny. I was chugging water from the water fountain for so long, I'm sure I started getting funny looks. 

    Thanks for the giggle and the good advice!   :D
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    hmmmmm, so you had other priorities.... numbers 1 and 2. LOL

    OK. I am sorry to hear what happened to you and your situation. I think that the proctor should let you reschedule your exam without an additional cost. I know that home exams are different than an onsite exam. But at the end of the day you should be able to fight it and state that you had a higher priority... a human biology exam that was pushing you to your limits... sorry.
    Going further you should note your nature breaks and eating habits so you can schedule your exam accordingly as your new number 1 or number 2 priority.
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