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As many of you will know, I've been flirting with the idea of getting the CCSP credential for a while now, and while I feel confident to go and sit for the exam, it's simply not a credential that is exciting me, to be honest. 

All my other exams have come with a fair amount of eager and the sense of accomplishment, but for some reason, this one simply isn't having the same effect. In fact, I was more excited about getting my CCSK way back when I did. I know it is the most popular and "gold standard" for cloud security certifications.

Are there alternatives I can consider, that's not the CCSP? I have about a month before the new trimester starts for my MSc, and looking to knock out at least one cert in this time.


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    Depends on what you enjoy really!

    But if you want to expand your knowledge in the cloud space, I find AWS and Azure certs to be useful, they give you an overview of how they work, their features, and services offerings. If you have CCSK then you already know what cloud controls you need

    I don't know if you have it or if you're interested, but CompTIA CAPS+ is a good challenge: https://www.comptia.org/certifications/comptia-advanced-security-practitioner


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    For Cloud certs, you will need to choose between vendor-neutral (e.g., CompTIA, (ISC)2, CSA) and vendor-specific (e.g., AWS, Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Citrix, VMware). If you just want to get some Cloud under your belt, the CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ and the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner are the easiest certs for getting some Cloud on your resume.
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    Thanks guys,

    I should have provided some context. I come from a cloud architecture role, having done it for very long on both Azure and AWS (Got the proverbial T-shirt). Done all the vendor certs, and now transitioning into a more security-focused position.

    I do quite like the compliance side of things, and might consider something along those lines, perhaps check out some of the GIAC certs.
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    Being from a somewhat similar background to OP, i went through the CCSP training and really didn't find an added value in passing the exam. I already have architecture certs from AWS and Azure along with CCSK. Most of the CCSP content is not really adding much to the previous trio. CCSP would have been a resume filler in all honesty.

    Now, I'm looking forward to CCAK from the Cloud Security Alliance, I always thought Auditing was needed in the cloud and thats a skill that might bring me something. 
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    I went the CCSP route because I wanted a cloud certification under my belt plus I have a preference for vendor agnostic credentials. It only took about three months of self-study and my employer paid for the exam plus study materials so why not. Just more CV padding. At the time I was involved with AWS and Azure related projects, but now it is strictly Azure which is why I have completed both AZ-900 and 500. 
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    Azt7 said:

    Now, I'm looking forward to CCAK from the Cloud Security Alliance, I always thought Auditing was needed in the cloud and that's a skill that might bring me something. 
    I have that one penciled down as well, and can't wait!
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