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I just purchased the ELITE PTS course so I can take a stab at the eJPT but wanted to get someone's experience of the course and exam from someone who took the course and passed the exam but did not have a pen testing background.  Many people I read reviews or saw video reviews from always mention that they have a background in pen testing and then took the exam. Please can someone share there experiences who didn't have a red side background before taking this course and exam?


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    I had zero pentest experience and knowledge when I passed it

    I took notes when I read the slides and watched the videos.

    The labs are the most important part, make sure you're comfortable with the labs and go through all of them and understand the rationale behind each lab. It's a practical test so practice as much as you can. The training material and labs have everything you need to pass so don't stress

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    Exactly what I needed to know. Thank you!
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    you'r most welcome! I had so much doing eJPT.

    Keep us posted and good luck!

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    At the time I went in with Security+ knowledge. I felt like eLearnSecurity taught me everything I needed to know. The exam was extremely straightforward and the labs were really the heart of the learning experience for me. If I could go back (to 2016) and do it again, I'd repeat all the labs a second time instead of leaving 10 lab hours on the table to enrich the learning experience a bit more.
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