New here and looking for some guidance/direction

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Hi all. I was directed here by a friend on Reddit. 

A brief background: I'm mid-30s, currently a housewife because of covid, new baby, a BA in International Studies, immigrant, stuck in entry-level clerical hell, used to make very basic HTML websites (on notepad lol), used to tweak and manage WordPress websites, worked at a call center with tier 1&2 troubleshooting but for cellphones and cable boxes, I know basic IT and can typically google my way into solutions 

My goals: I'm very interested in cloud security. I want to eventually make a career in this field. 

My plan: I plan to start with the A+ certification since I don't know a whole bunch about IT so it will be like a crash and intro course for me. I'll be taking a class in an adult school that also includes an exam voucher. After that, I plan on getting the S+ (or should I do N+ first?). I also want to learn a language, either or Python or Java - which one is more practical for my goals? Then go for the AWS Solutions Architect to get on the cloud tract?

I really don't have a whole bunch of spare time these days but I want to eventually get there. I've checked job listings for  and a lot of the posting require at least 3 years of experience. Where does one get that? Help desk? Support? I plan on going back to work in 2 years when baby is preschool age so I want to spend the next 2 years being productive. 

I really appreciate this community and I have so many questions and feel overwhelmed with the variety of options, and kinda intimidated about getting started in this field. 


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    I'd do the Network+ before the Security+. I took a very thorough study approach to the A+ and the Network+. After that, the Security+ was an easier 3 extra weeks of study to pass. 

    Python is far more practical for your goals, but Python is an interpreted language and I believe that spending some time learning a compiled language (like Java) really helps round a person out -- even a month or so would help if available.
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    I am also looking down the AWS route and taking a shot at S+ as well.

    Good luck! 
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