Looking for remote work, but trouble finishing associate degree due to COVID—19

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Hi everyone,

I am having trouble finishing the coursework in my associate degree due to COVID-19, and I am trying to brainstorm options for finding remote work.

I have an unrelated bachelor’s degree in liberal arts, and I am in my third semester of full-time studies in web and software development at a local community college. So far, I have or am taking classes in Java, JavaScript, .NET web development, SQL, etc. as well as some IT classes like Linux essentials, web server administration, and CompTIA A+ preparation.

One idea is to apply for remote technical support jobs. Would getting certified in LPI Linux Essentials and CompTIA A+ help? Should I be looking into any other certifications? One that I am interested in is AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

Another idea is to switch to an online degree in Computer Science and look for a remote internship in web or software development. Does that sound possible? Is there a specific programming language or web framework that I should focus on to get an internship?

I would appreciate any suggestions, and thanks in advance for the help.


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    What kind of trouble? Working remotely is arguably more challenging than earning a degree remotely, and it's hard to understand how studying web development couldn't be done online.
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    One of my family members is at high risk for severe illness from Covid-19 due to underlying breathing issues, so I am looking at working remotely or studying online. Of course there are other opportunities to study online, but I do not think that my current coursework would fully transfer into the requirements of another degree. It might help me to meet the prerequisites for a master's degree, but I can't be a full-time student forever as I have a family to support.
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    JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 13,026 Admin
    The only way you'll know if your units transfer is to talk with an admissions councilor. Internships programs have really been hit hard because of COVID-19 shutdown and are rare opportunity to get in 2020. It seems like Help Desk work would be the ticket. Have you considered both working and going to school?
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    p-coderp-coder Member Posts: 21 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Thank you for the advice, JDMurray. I think that help desk with online education is the way forward for me.
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