How was this possible? [Novell]

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I witnessed something quite a few months back, and have been pondering this ever since. I can not seem to understand something...

Please understand the following information in regards to my question:
Our "campus" so to speak consists of a wired network, which utilizes Novell. It is completely wired. Our tech department has three wireless networks, two of which are encrypted.

A few months back, I saw a fellow tech guy with his laptop, sitting at a table and, by some way, he was at the Novell log-in screen. Now as I said, our network is completely wired. The three wireless networks were nowhere near where he was. There were no RJ45 sockets where he was, either.

My question is, how in the world was he able to remotely access the wired network, when there was no APs in sight, and without physically connecting to it?

I have been wondering this for quite some time, and decided to post here, because I am at my wit's end.
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    Several things to consider.

    1. Just because you don't see an AP doesn't mean there isn't one. Go to starbucks and see if you can find the AP. If it was installed properly, you won't be able to find it.

    2. There are several wireless service providers (sprint, verizon, etc) who offer "air cards" or EVDO/CMDA cards for access to the internet via their data network, which would give give your guys vpn access.

    3. He could've simply been working off-line.

    Why the heck didn't you just ask him??!!!!!!!!!! :)
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    Thanks for the reply Keatron.

    Actually, I've checked myself and there is no connection down there.

    Your other explanations do seem plausible.
    Working on MS-ISA at Western Governor's University
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    In addition, the wireless network could be 802.11a running at 5GHz which you would not be able to pick up with a B or G scanner.
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    I may not be understanding what you mean by a Netware login screen, but it sounds like he may have the client installed. Just because you have the NW client installed and showing on your workstation/laptop does not mean you are logging into an NW server. There is a checkbox (I think it is 'Workstation Only' to log on through the Microsoft Network Client service to either the WS account or the Windows domain account. The latter would require cached credentials if you did not have a connection to the network.

    In other words, the Novell client replaces the Windows logon dialog with its own, and is used to log in through both client services either concurrently or separately.
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