What's the next certification i should go for?

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I am feeling lost & i would like to seek some advices.
I am certified in CompTIA Security+ & CySA+ & i have 1.5 years of work experience handling information security & governance. Employers are mostly looking for CISSP certified personnel in my country & i have difficulty landing a job with the certifications i have. Since i do not have the minimum 5 years of work experience in IT Security, i do not qualify to sit for most of the certification exams like CISA, CISSP etc. 
Besides Security+ & CySA+, i am also certified in PMP, ITIL Foundation, CCNA.
Im keen to work in Information Security & develop my career in this area. 

Whats the next certification i should go for, in order to place myself in a better position being hired? 



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    You have enough baseline certs and in my opinion, additional certs would only be to improve your knowledge in an area, rather than improve job prospects from the added credentials. If I were you I'd consider doing some college until you hit the experience requirements, and also reconsider if your IT/project management experience before that 1.5 year mark can count. From what I hear, what counts as relevant experience is flexible and even things like resetting passwords as a helpdesk employee are in the realm.

    Also, take a careful look at the experience requirements. I think your CySA+ is worth a year.
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    Cisco CyberOps, GCIH, VHL,
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    Do you have a college degree? It's not necessary these days, but think of all the competition you have for every job that you apply for and how many of those candidates will have a degree.

    For certs, almost anything from AWS is hot.
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    Hi, thanks for the advices! Yes, i have a Bachelor Degree in IT since 2003 and i've been working since 2000. 
    InfoSec is the area which i would like to venture into now. Previously i have been doing Mobile Network Operations as in 3G 4G stuffs, i moved on to into Software testing & applications support. I've also done some project management work. I have strong interest in InfoSec & would like to develop further in it. 
    With all the basic certs i've achieved, what other certifications should i get in order to stand a higher chance in getting hired in InfoSec? 

    Right now, im preparing for the AWS CCP exam. Hoping to acquire some basic skills in cloud technology.

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    Are you looking for a security operations or a security engineering position? For what carrier did you do wireless Telco work?
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    You have a bachelor in IT and so many good certs.  I can't see how your not getting your foot in the door for alot of jobs out there.
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