"TS/SCI Required"

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FYI, this is just a rant...

I don't know if it's just the timing due to certain events or what have you but I am constantly finding these otherwise perfect do-able job listings where the clutch is in the last section where it reads "active TS/SCI required" and sometimes they even one-up it by requesting a poly with it. Seriously?

I have a pretty good feeling this might just be something in my area, but this is really starting to tick me off now that multiple jobs ranging from entry to applicable senior are requiring this. It's maddening.

How the hell am I supposed to find a new job if these people keep expecting me to have a high clearance already? How do you even do that?

It's gotten to the point where I don't even read the description fist and simply skim for that exact line 'cause it's become so popular now


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    Find a job that is willing to sponsor a clearance (difficult) or join the National Guard (big life decision). 
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    Unfortunately in the world of DoD/contracting, the process of obtaining a clearance is extremely expensive and time-consuming (over a year depending on backlog). When you get a job with an organization that is willing to sponsor you, it can take a couple months to get an Interim clearance until the full is adjudicated. You have to fill out an SF-86 form, and the government has to do a full background check on you, including talking to people you know and people that have lived near you going as far back as 10 years. TS/SCI is dependent upon the position as well as the type of materials to which you may have access, even if you never work with that level. A Secret clearance is good for 10 years, while TS is good for 5.

    I never thought I would get a clearance, but I happened to apply for a contractor that was willing to wait for my clearance to get granted because they needed someone with the skills for the area, and that is hard to find where I am. I hope this helps.
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    These job postings are by hiring managers hoping to save time and money by hiring people who already have the base TS/SCI (or TS/SSBI) clearance needed for their project. All they need do is wait to have the new hires cleared for the project(s) they will be working on. If the hiring manager can't find a suitable candidate who already has the desired clearance(s), a non-cleared candidate will be hired instead. I've been on both sides of the hiring desk for this situation. :)
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    It's the area. I also speed skim to dismiss the DoD job listings. I did that and it's not for me for numerous reasons. It  doesn't really bug me all that much though, as I've anecdotally decided that a good portion of these positions are low-challenge, highly bureaucratic, seat warmer type occupations. Appealing for some, but not me.

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