Passed AZ-104

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So I sat through an official Microsoft AZ-104 course back in June. In all honesty, it wasn’t a good experience. The instructor wasn’t good at time management and didn’t really narrow in on key exam topics.

Probably less than a month later without much review, I took the exam and failed by a few questions. 

The experience was night and day from AZ900. That exam seemed more straightforward. Short (less than 30 questions). The difficulty ramped up tremendously with AZ104. And the vibe I got was it was probably better/easier for someone who actually administers an AZ subscription as part of their duties to pass the test. 

So fast forward a few months, I took the CompTIA Cloud+ Beta and also the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exams. My understanding and knowledge of cloud has definitely increased. 

So I decided to re-review the official Microsoft AZ-104 Courseware on Skillpipe and use an Udemy two practice test package to refresh on the Administrator Associate. My only concern was going to be the lack of a lab environment. I had it initially but it expired in July. And it just seems like that is an important quotient in taking the exam.

So I sat down to take the exam at home. And it was one of the worst exam experiences of my life lol. The exam is 64 questions. But those 64 questions feel like double that with all of the multi choice, multi answer questions on the exam. You’re seldom asked single answer questions. Throw in the case scenarios, etc and it’s just exhaustive. 

I passed by the hair of my chinny chin chin. Normally, my perfectionism would kick in. But i
l take the W and keep it moving.

Id love to pursue 300/301 but have other certification goals I’d like to tackle immediately.


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    Very cool! congrats on the pass!

    I felt the same way when taking the new AZ-500. A lot of questions were lengthy and double meaning. Somewhat trying to fill in too much into one question, is how I felt. I failed but was very close. I probably could have got the pass with 5-6 correct questions. 

    I took a risk, studying for the older exam but taking the new one. Its ok, I need to study for another two months an really dedicate myself. Won't happen until next year but until now I am doing lots of labs getting that hands on memory from MeasureUp labs. 

    You really need good practice questions to get familiar with the exam style of Azure exams. They are not easy. 

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    Congrats on the pass and the write-up
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    whats next to study after passing az-104?
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