Can someone advise what is the best Repair zip tool to get for corrupted archives....???

Cassma2020Cassma2020 Member Posts: 12 ■■■□□□□□□□
Hey Everyone,

I trust you are all well and keeping safe. Can you please advise me on what is the best Repair zip tool to open an corrupted archive that was compressed using WinZip, I have these old project files that I need to access urgently  in Windows 10, I have downloaded 7zip but it is still giving me errors it  is now coming up with an error message "cannot open the file as 7z archive is not archive" , and  obviously I can not redownload the files....!   I have read the 7zip help menu, but I am  not good at command language. I have seen quite a few repair tools out there such as  (Zip repair, Object fix, Yodot) but not sure which is good, so this is why I need your help urgently.

Many thanks in advance 


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