Interested in Linux and working in a Linux position at a company. Thoughts on RHCSA or LFCS?

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Hello everyone,

I am in a entry level IT job and seeking to advance in the field. What I am interested in learning most is Linux. I have beginner level familiarity with it( comfortable on the command line, know basic commands, can SSH etc). I am seeking to do a certification to get to intermediate level and land my first job in the Linux field.

I have arrived at RHCSA and LFCS as they would help me learn the most. Other certs seemed too basic.

I was wondering if members here had any advice with regards to what cert would be most desirable from an employers point of view. I am also wondering if LFCS would be better as RHCSA seems to be for people at later stages in the career.

Lastly if I go the LFCS route it seems that they give me the option of CentOS and Ubuntu. Many have advised that CentOS is similar to RHEL to go that route while others have said Ubuntu is growing and up and coming.

I am open to all thoughts and suggestions from the community  :)


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    Tekn0logyTekn0logy Member Posts: 113 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Hi Linoo,
    Not sure if you pushed the button on a certification path, but just ask yourself why? If just for the street cred, I would go with RHCSA. If still looking to land that first job, just check the Indeed listings. In my geographical area, I get 5 hits in a 25 mile radius. LFCS = 0.  RHCSA allows you to build on that cert, unlike Linux+.  I don't know how LFCS stacks in that regard, but you have to dance to the music that is playing.  I once got a cert with a name that sounded really cool, but NOBODY was asking for that cert. I spent a ton (unemployed at the time...) of money on the training and in the end, passed the exam. I had a really cool sounding cert, but after looking at a number of blogs and forums seems it had very little street cred.
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    umarjamilumarjamil Member Posts: 1 ■□□□□□□□□□
    For an entry-level position in Linux, both RHCSA and LFCS are valuable certifications. RHCSA is more widely recognized, especially in enterprise environments. CentOS, being similar to RHEL, can be a good choice for RHCSA preparation. However, Ubuntu is also widely used, and LFCS offers flexibility in choosing between CentOS and Ubuntu. Consider your career goals and the specific Linux environment you might work in. Ultimately, either certification can be beneficial, but RHCSA may carry slightly more weight in certain contexts.
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