MALC exam passed

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Just wanted to share that I started my journey  with ITIL intermediate lifestyle courses July 2019 and I officially passed MALC exam on my first try today.

I did very well on all the intermediate exams and took a MALC live instructor course this past Monday - Friday and I took the exam today (Sunday).  For those that say it’s really hard and that you need to study for a long time is not true at all.  I passed it with less than 7 days prep.

know the case study inside out and know your process for each stage.  If you know them all and can relate to them between the 5 stages then you will be in good shape.  Keep in mind that if you know the case study you don’t need to look at it in the exam.  There is a lot of things they toss in the question to throw you off.  Just focus on the final question and relate to what role you are in and apply the ITIL way to answer.

if anyone has questions I’ll be happy to answer while exam questions are still kinda fresh...

Good luck to those that plan to write soon.


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    There will be a question relating to SWOT.

    There will be a question relating to CSF/KPI and metrics.  Know how to weed out the difference between them as I had a question that said find the best service metrics in the scenario.  This means answers such as reduce the amount of risk or breaches by x amount of time doesn’t make it etc.

    Service metrics are end to end.

    know CSI and SS stage inside out. Some questions tied into SD, ST and SO as well.

    They will ask about communication pertaining to an org change so know how to handle that which baked into a CSI approach.

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    Congratulations! And thanks for sharing the advice.
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