Passed CRISC / Home online proctored exam

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Got my score today passed with 570 score. The passing score is 450 or higher...

What I used to study:
- ISACA Q & A database.

ISACA recommends you have an average score of 80% and above in the Q&A before you take the exam. When I started with the Q&A my average score was 70ish% then it slowly climbed up, by the time I finished the Q&A my score was about 85%. The Q&A gave me an idea about what ISACA is looking for.

In the exam, there was ZERO questions from the Q&A database so if you intend to memorise them without understanding the underlying concepts you won't pass.

For the majority of the questions, I tried to think of them as practical scenarios and decide what I would do in such situation - this worked for me personally.

I have over 15 yrs of experience, and I worked in Risk & Compliance so the concepts were all too familiar to me.

Home online proctoring exam was actually decent. The live chat feature is helpful as they helped me set up the environment and they were responsive.

Now I need to verify my experience to get certified.

Oh, and apparently there is another hidden fee to get your application assessed. If my employer wasn't paying for this, I wouldn't personally invest in this. I'm not impressed by the annual maintenance fees for CISM and ISACA membership (which I intend to make my employer pay for). It is what it is.
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