Who has passed CASP recently?

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Hi there!

looking to connect with folks who passed CASP recently. What did you use to study. Anything I should be mindful of or tips?



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    Hello! I stumbled on this site originally when I was Googling info on CASP before I took it.

    I took the exam in Aug. I read the All in One book twice, read the Sybex book, and played with some VMs. I would recommend brushing up on BASH if you're not already familiar. Use a distro like an eval copy of Redhat Enterprise, for some reason CompTIA seems to favor that one.

    I felt like about 3/4 of the exam was knowing the material and 1/4 was not falling for CompTIA's tricks. Just read carefully, don't skim, take your time, and make sure you know exactly what they are asking. You'll be fine!
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