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So, I am debating which one of these training providers to use...I should probably do them all (to be proficient)...Below is a list of ones that I am thinking about starting to invest in.  What are your favorites?  Pros/Cons?  I've been currently been working in Vulnerability Management for over 4yrs & in IT for over 20yrs...Just trying to stay competitive and gain more knowledge and skills.

Pentester Academy

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    HackTheBox is basically a bunch of scavenger hunt /CTF style boxes to hack. There a few realistic ones, but either way there's no training.
    TryhackMe is Hackthebox plus detailed hand-holding walkthroughs using less CTFy boxes. Pentester Acedemy is a few years old, but still relevant from what I understand (haven't used it yet). I'm under the impression that this is a good choice to add a specific set of techniques to your existing methodology.

    The problem with doing any of those three first is that you really need to have a methodology in place to approach hacking the boxes. I suggest Virtual Hacking Labs initially, since it comes with a course where you can build out a methodology. Then going into TryHackMe, HtB would be to to refine that methodology.

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    In addition to those, I can not recommend Practical Ethical Hacking by Heath Adams enough:


    I think this has to be one of the best courses I've ever worked through, and one I still sometimes refer back to as a refresher.
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    TryHackMe is probably more beginner friendly than HackTheBox, which also has walkthroughs. Though, these are for retired boxes rather than the active ones. You also may want to take a look at Cyber Sec Labs. Its even newer than THM, and I haven't personally used it, but from everything I've seen the majority of the boxes there are more realistic.
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