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Hey everyone, I am a beginner student in IT security, in my first semester at a college. I have been using computers my entire life, so I am not starting at ground zero. The classes I'm taking now are on the basics of command prompt (windows) and command line (Linux), IT Support & Troubleshooting (which is covering hardware, and networking basics so far), and Intro to IT (which is covering general basic concepts of IT). These classes have been pretty easy for me so far, I have 100 average in 2 of them and a bit under 100 in the 3rd one because I got a 97 on an exam. I have been supplementing these classes by picking up all the knowledge I can about general cybersecurity concepts, and programming language basics that according to my research are important to know to be successful in IT security. I would really love some help with finding other resources to access online, like courses and labs, preferably free ones. I am trying to get ahead and learn more complicated things than my classes are teaching but when you are by yourself, and not wanting to pay a bunch for these courses, it is really difficult to even know where to begin. Some guidance on what topics I should look into, and some ways I can gain some important skills and practice them would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for any help that anyone can offer.


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    Since your classes are covering hardware and network basics, and since you have an aptitude for those topics, I'd consider knocking out a CompTIA A+ before the semester end, and then a Network+ once you get into a more involved network course. This will give you an edge over other students when it comes to getting a job time.
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    Yoba222, thank you for your comment I appreciate the guidance a lot. I am definitely considering the A+ certification as the first one to pursue, I'm hoping to be confident enough to go for it by the end of this first semester. Also, yes I am, in fact, scheduled for a more detailed Networking course either next semester or 3rd semester. I am doing an Associate's Degree program first so that hopefully I can find some type of paying job after I get that degree and a certification or two. I fully plan to continue to a Bachelor's asap though. But, for the Associate's I am an IT major with a concentration in Security, which means that I do have the one more detailed Networking course, but I do not have the even more detailed Networking course that comes after that; only the IT majors with Networking concentration take that. Instead of that, I take Ethical Hacking and Information Security I believe. The 3rd concentration is Programming, and they get the extra detailed Programming courses, whereas I just get the basics. I am studying a lot of extra stuff on my own though, through paid and unpaid online courses. The question I was getting to is: would Network+ really be the 2nd certification I should shoot for? Or should I shoot for something directly security-related like Security+? From my research, I am fairly certain the Ethical Hacking certifications will be above my skill level for a while.
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