Passed CISA this morning

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Knocked out the CISA  exam this morning.  I felt it was straight forward and did not try to confuse you in any way.  Just "Think like an auditor"  Read the questions 2X  then look at the answer choice and work your way up from "D"  to "A"  then make a selection. 

I read the CISA official study guide cover to cover .  I also purchased the CISA Q&A  database although I did not find the database very helpful. .... just "OK"    One of the best resources I found was


the videos listed there helped  to break down topics.  Combined with reading the book  I found the videos a "Force multiplier" 

Submitted my application today and paid the required fee.    

Next for me is CRISC.     after that I will attempt CEGIT again. 


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