LPI Linux Essentials 010

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Currently I have been studying for this exam and I am hitting about 85 to 90 on my practice tests.  Is this exam all multiple choice like the Comptia exams or will it be more interactive? I am trying to get a feel for how to prepare for this test since I have not taken any LPI exams before or does anyone have any tips they could recommend to me before I apply for the exam?


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    I did the LPIC and Comptia composite exam 1 year ago. It was multiple guess and focused heavily on command switches. There was also fill in the blank type questions along the lines of, "you would use the ____ command to mount a drive. You have to type in the exact command (no switch thankfully) and there was no guess for which command to type.

     I took two exams to get the combined cert and 2nd exam had about 20 questions that were fill in the blank. I practiced my switches and commands like a madman so smashed those pretty good.
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    I appreciate the insight into the testing!  I have been looking for a basic commands of Linux document and options for those commands to make sure I’m not caught off guard but so far I don’t see a master command sheet.  I would like to maybe review them on a sheet a few times to make sure I’m 100 with commands and options for them just in case.  I’m also practicing to be case sensitive and make sure I type in correct spacing since I’m unsure how picky the fill in the blank questions will be. 
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    I ended up making my own command sheet based on the syllabus and training videos I watched. Took me ages to learn as I was completely new to Linux and there are so many variants of switches. The spelling for fill in blank had to be exact but thankfully not too complex.
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