Helpful "next step" tools after obtaining my juniper 103 associate certification

kwrigh17kwrigh17 Member Posts: 3 ■■□□□□□□□□
I have just earned my first entry level juniper associate certification. I have studied a few semesters of computer science a few years ago, and don't work in the IT field, but have an opportunity for an interview with a fiber optic company a friend who works for them got me. Moving forward, is there anything else or any other suggestion anyone would have that I should do to better help me hit the ground with my feet running? I've used junipers tools like v-labs and essentially taught myself the necessary requirements to pass the exam in under 10 months so I am just wanting to continue learning and enabling myself to enter this industry and succeed. I appreciate anyone's insight on anything that may have helped them in this type of situation!
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