Anyone used or implemented KVM over IP Switching?

D-boyD-boy Member Posts: 595
We are thinking of getting KVM over IP Switching for our datacenter...

Anyone have experiences using KVM over IP? :D



  • strauchrstrauchr Member Posts: 528
    Extremely handy in a lights out site. I use it quite often and find it better then using onboard cards (such as RSA, ILO etc.) for remote access for a downed server.
  • D-boyD-boy Member Posts: 595
    Thanks for the feedback.... icon_lol.gif

    What brand of KVM over IP do you run?
    How is it connecting over a vWAN connection?

    Trying to get my boss to buy the HP brand of KVM IP switches, their not cheap, the adapters are $800 for a pack of 8... icon_eek.gif

    But I think there is so many benifits to having it...

    3-4 users can connect at one time...
    Better cable managment, no bulky kvm cables
    connect from anywhere......
    you don't have spend all day in the datacenter...
    connect from your own pc...
    works with active directory....
    you can watch the boot process remotely!!!

    the list goes on....... icon_eek.gif

  • strauchrstrauchr Member Posts: 528
    Yeah exactly, except the ones we use only allow one user to view the console at anyone time. (3 users can connect to a KVM switch though).

    I am not sure what brand they are - never been to a datacentre here as everything is remote. But we do use IBM Netbay to connect to them. Actually, Avoccent comes to mind now that I think about it.

    HP kit is very expensive, not as bad as IBM kit though.
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