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I have always stank at each of these and I am always winging it. My background is MS Engineering and Cyber. Seems like I am always asked to be doing something in the Office Suite. If am not good with either, will I find these exams hard? 

Old, burnt out with this field and want it easy just like I did 22 years ago when I started IT. Some things never change. They used to call me a paper MCSE but now they can't stop calling me. What can I say, IT has gotten me through the horrors of life. It has been almost as loyal as man's best friend.


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    No background and you are always  winging it ...  

    Yes I think you might find an exam is something you are not good at difficult. 
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    I actually sat the exams.  I honestly found powerpoint to be the hardest since I rarely used it.  Word was a breeze for me due to my use of it.  TOC, heads and footers etc...  
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    I'm finding myself studying for the Outlook exam right now. We just made the move from 2016 to O365 and I want to get ahead of the learning curve. I purchased the Study guide and even though it's a small book I have found some new info and I am also getting a refresher course on some things I already know but never use.
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    My wife passed all of the MOS exams, she studied each exam for about two weeks and each time she said they were pretty simple exams. She's now an Office 2019 Expert. If she can do it, you guys can too!
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