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Hi.I urgently need advise about next step I better take in my career. I am new to cyber security world. I have security+ and network+ certificates and it almost a year I work in  a small company`s cloud and I use siem tools like splunk, qradar, FireeyeHX. I recently decided to work on cloud engineering and started with aws practitioner certificate and got it.But I did not ask anyone and kind of did unconsciously. Now I want to go for other aws services but I dont know which certificate and field best fit me in aws platform considering my short background and limited skills now. I am not in rush, I have time and desire to be successful in one cloud solution.Thanks

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    He means that you can do one of two things:
    • Take the Associate Architect exam SCA-002 and then the Security Specialty exam SCS-001
    • Just take the Security specialty exam SCS-001
    I personally recommend doing the first path.
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    The AWS Architect is not a security role but is good to know for AWS security people. Have a look at Available AWS Certifications to see the paths.
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    The two certs mentioned are different as mentioned by the others. The security cert can be attempted straight away or you can do the architect associate first to understand the services better before attempting the security one. No hard fast rule, however recommended to do the architect one first as it gives a good grounding into concepts before going deeper into them in the security cert. E.g. S3 can use KMS/S3/BYOK (supports both server side and client side encryption etc.)

    Architect associate revolves around design/concepts related to services to consume to ensure you have a resilient architecture. I personally prefer the architect route and am looking potentially at the professional now because I can relate much better to the material - though I am doing a lot of security architecture work at present. 
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    Thank you Murray. One last question. You mention 2paths to security certification: through architect associate or directly to security certification; Both mean same thing or are they different types of security fields? 
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    After our last chat, I started to work for SCA-002 and finally passed . As I have from Cyber security background I want to be a security specialist and you showed me the path. But I was working on SCA-002 test I realized I definitely need practice on field. Just passing test, theoretical study did not satisfy me. i  Is there  any chance or anyway for certificate owners like me with no experience to apply for any kind of related work in can even be an intern like job. I searched a little bit but I did not see anything about .
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