Red Team Assessment

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What are the key points that should be discussed and asked suppliers to confirm if their approach towards Red Team assessment is the most suitable one?


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    I think that you must have a mature IS program before Red Teaming is really worthwhile. 

    You need to distinguish(very roughly) between:
    audit: do a verifcation based on a checklist...
    vuln assessment: use vuln scanner to find  vuln but not exploiting it self
    pentest: epxloit those vulnerabiliy..
    red teaming: red teaming is a pentest, but it is also a test of your detection capacity. if you dont have a blue team, then red teaming is not really useful.

    If it is one of your first foray into IS, then start with the basic, then vuln assessment and pentest. 

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    Okay. Thanks, Steve!
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