opinions wanted on my last exam to become a win2k MCSA

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Three years ago I passed 70-210 & 70-215 and failed 70-216.

After finally getting motivated again and a couple of children later I sat and passed 70-218 this week.

I would like to know what is the harder of the two exams? should I resume studying for 70-216 and re sit. Or should I do 70-214?

I have 70-210, 70-215, 70-218 and looking at the MS career planner I have other options.

I was considering was going for one of the Exchange exams, maybe Exchange 2003, as this might be more helpful towards getting a job, and I could install and use the evaluation version? What is this exam like?

I am not working in IT at the moment, but do have a couple of computers that I have set up as a lab, I want to get my MCSA as quickly as possible to help me get a job.

I would appreciate any opions and advice.


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    If you're going job hunting, and are without a lot of experience, you will probably end up in a user-support position to start with. So, you may want to consider the two-exam MCDST. It is accepted as an elective for MCSA.

    I don't think that 70-216 will benefit you that much in the way of learning so much for a job. You probably already have enough Microsoft network knowledge from the 210 plus 215 studies to guide you through a support position.

    You might want to consider 70-228, SQL Server, studies. You will meet SQL server in some way very shortly after you go to work in any tech position.

    Or might take 216, get MCSA, and end up as an entry-level OS admin if you have enough past experience.

    These are some thoughts based on my recent experiences.

    Good luck!
    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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    Once you get an elective down, you'll be an MCSA for 2000. Then take 70-292 and become MCSA for 2003. Add 293, 294, and one of the design exams like 298 and you are am MCSE for 2003.

    That's what I ended up doing since I originally started with 210 and 215 like yourself.

    A+ and Network+ are also elective candidates, as is Security+.

    By the way, why does MS indicate A+ & Security+ as an elective and then list just Security+ as another alternate elective? Why bother listing A+ for MCSE at all?
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