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Can anybody give me a clue about what is all this talking on Novell/Mac/Unix on the Net+ by the recent certifieds? My book doesn't seem to cover these topics sooo well! (Sybex net+ 4th) Can anyone give me examples about the questions?? I am really concerned!

thanks in advance!


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    I just updated this one last week...

    and make sure you also read my other Network+ TechNotes:
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    I found that info in chapter 5 of that sybex book. My test didnt get into this stuff much, one or two questions on each. Seems to me the questions were gimmies like identifying NDS or what version of netware replaced ipx/spx with by tcp/ip
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    Webmaster has some links I wish i would have saw I took the test today and had a lot of Novell/Mac/Unix questions but i still passed i still had a good understanding of them


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    So could you please tell me about those questions? Thanks.
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    No. Those who have passed the exam are not allowed to disclose the questions they had on their exams. Study the topics, not the questions. I'm offering you a free study guide that covers the most common Apple Mac topics, perhaps a bit more than you would need for Network+ but at least you will be prepared, and you're still asking for the actual exam questions. You came to the wrong place.
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    I don't want the exact questions nor asked for, i wanna know how DEEP they are on each topic. I don't have an Novell/Mac background, i did read the technotes/practises 3 weeks ago, thanks.
    Just would like that someone who used the forum and the technotes in their favor to pass the test, to discuss this specific topic. Thanks again.
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