Do anyone took ant of the Ethical Hacking Course?

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I'm newbie in cyber security field and want to take a training for this. So please suggest me the best one. With friends suggestion I came across two course one from EC-Council Hacking course and another from Intellipaat Ethical Hacking Course. Please suggest me the best one or another course you want to recommend me.


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    I have never taken an EC-Council course, but was able to self-study for C|EH without any issues. I did take two SANS courses (SEC 504, 560) on this topic and found them to be very good. 
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    Thank you I will look in these courses recommended by you.
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    SANS courses are relatively expensive (over 6,000 euros) so if you don't have an employer paying on your behalf then you might have to think twice about that route.

    Other options include Offensive Security which has the cheapest option of $999 for pursuing the OSCP and eLearnSecurity. Disclaimer: I have no experience with either, but you can find threads on this site about others that have went this route. They are all reputable entities in the industry and OSCP might arguably be the most recognizable credential in this area. 

    Good luck!
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    If you're looking for more self-study resources, I do have to shout out Infosec Skills! We've got a ton of content on several different industry-standard certifications (CEH, Pentest+, CEPT), as well as a virtual lab for you to practice your skills hands-on. Feel free to give it a try for 30 days free with promo code: infoseccommunity - and let me know if you have any questions!
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    @johnsxc I have taken the CEH and the SANS courses. I received more ROI from the SANS courses and certifications than that of the CEH.
    If you are starting off in Information Security than the CEH would be a good start. By the AIO CEH book and lab up like a rat!
    At one time the CEH had more recognition but the GIAC certifications have more pull.

    If it is a money issue go for the CEH.
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    @Infosec_Sam sure sir i wll try this
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    If you are trying to learn ethical hacking with limited budget:

    O'reilly subscription has all the required book and many video training for infosec certification and subject (399$/year)
    Pluralsight have a lot of content (299$/year)

    Those 2 subscriptions are in my opinon essential for an IT Pro, specially the O'Reilly, there are so much content, and new content each day on all IT subject. 

    Then next one is a bit more expensive, but there are labs included. 
    INE has recently started to offer all ElearnSecurity course. (2000$/year, but there may have a BOGO promo). 

    Then, you could consider SANS training.. it is damn expensive to pay by yourself. (7K$ + travel expense). They are great, but costly. I did the SEC560 course and it is great.  

    Also consider some platform like TryHackMe, it is a gamified hands-on infosec training in CTF format... it is quite addictive. There is a free subscription level, and a paid one. (10$ per month.. so no big deal). There are other CTF platform like HackTheBox... but if you are starting TryHackMe is the best platform.
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