VMware 7.0 ICM & O&S available at Stanly Community College

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Stanly Community College will offer VMware ICM & O&S version 7.0 starting January 2021!!  We can offer the VMware class only to individuals and not as part of corporate training. In order to be fair to all who wish to take this class, we enroll students in the VMware courses in the order in which they registered on the online wait list. We apologize for the delay, but as you can imagine these classes are extremely popular.  We make every effort to accommodate all students in a timely manner.  As names come off the list for whatever reason, we move up the next name on the list.  Our next round of classes starts 13 January 2021.

If you are interested, please enter your information on our waitlist at https://itacademy.stanly.edu/waitlist.aspx.  We also offer classes in Cisco, Red Hat, AWS, Palo Alto Networks, MS, & Programming & Scripting.  You can read more about these classes on our website https://www.stanly.edu/it-academy

Feel free to contact us!


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    Do these courses still qualify as the required training for the VCP-DCV certifications?
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    jonny72 said:
    Do these courses still qualify as the required training for the VCP-DCV certifications?

    Yes, they do.
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    Does this include the VCP-DCV 2021?
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    itdept said:
    Does this include the VCP-DCV 2021?

    Stanly Community College recommends taking the VCTA-DCV 2020 (1V0-21.20PSE) after the v7 ICM class, and the VCP-DCV 2020 (2V0-21.20PSE) after taking the O&S class. Once successfully completing the ICM class, you will get the unproctored voucher that aligns with the VCTA-DCV 2020 (1V0-21.20PSE). Once you complete the O&S class, you will get the proctored voucher that aligns with VCP-DCV 2020 (2V0-21.20PSE). Vouchers will only be given once the student has successfully completed and passed the class. VMware has not yet advised if that recommendation will still apply to the 2021 tests.

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    edited January 2021
    There are no new exams just because the certification title has changed to 2021, there are exams on the versions of the products.

    Say for example you completed your vSphere 7 training in November 2020 then passed the Professional vSphere 7 exam for the VCP on December 31st 2020, you would be a VCP-DCV 2020.

    If instead you couldn’t take the exam in December but passed it today, then you would be a VCP-DCV 2021.
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