Project+ Acquired!

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After studying for a second attempt I finally passed this exam. I didn't put in the same effort I normally put in my cert studies and ended up failing the first go-around. Lots of changes happening in my life (aside from this virus looming over us) which has really de-motivated me and slowed me down from achieving my goals. After picking myself back up, little by little, got my momentum back and hit the books hard. After two weeks I re-attempted and passed. I don't see myself going the project manager route, mostly did this for school, but I can see a lot of this information being useful for work.

Will be going for the LPI Linux Essentials certification. It is the last cert I need for my WGU degree program. Hoping it won't take too long because I really want to dive into Linux+, to continue my Linux studies and to renew my other CompTIA certs that are about to expire.
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