Passed SY0-501 ... what next?

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Passed today the exam (quite challenge ;) ), after 3 weeks of preparations, mostly with cybrary free video materials...
I have also an old, expired Cisco certification (CCNA-Sec) and don't think I'm qualifying for the CISSP's 5 yrs. of experience.
My background is linux (with some few security-related skills), and want to develop a (cyber)security career, so I'm thinking at  CySA+ or Pentest+ (because other sec-certification exams like CEH are too expensive for me and I'm jobless right now) :(
Which path/approach is the best in your opinion or how did you do in similar circumstances?
Thanks in advance.


  • egrizzlyegrizzly B.Sc (Info. Systems), CISSP, CCNA, CCNP, Security+ Member Posts: 507 ■■■■■□□□□□
    It depends on the focus area in Cybersecurity you want to pursue.  Do you want to be a blue teamer preventing hackers from gaining entry to a corporate network?  Consider the GCIH (GIAC Certified Incident Handler) or E|CIH (E-Council Certified Incident Handler)
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    The typical advice is to read through job postings on the major job boards, find cybersecurity positions that really interest you, and check what education, certification, and experience the hiring managers are asking for. This will give you an idea of how to design your self-directed career training plan.

    If you want to start in cybersecurity operations the CySA+ and CASP+ are recommended with the Security+. Pentest+ is good if you want to specialize in finding vulnerabilities and gaining a deeper understanding of (cyber) threats.
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    Well said @JDMurray

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