Security Blue Team - BTL1 opinions?

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A few months ago the British security training company "Security Blue Team" released a certification attached to their training program. It is called Blue Team Level 1, with level 2 and 3 set to come out next year.

What do you guys think about this certification?

At first glance it looks like a decent training program in the style of Offensive Security but for blue team operations. I'm not sure how I feel about certifications that require and cater to a vendor course but other companies have been doing this successfully. Other red flags include no ISO 17024 certification and the company being for profit. But again, Offensive Security and eLearnSecurity have the same red flags but they have a decent reputation.
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    **Transparency: Statements below are from the perspective of NOT taking the course**
    • The content of the BTL 1 seems good from reading the syllabus. I have compared it similar to elearnsecurity's IHRP course. Only, I see BTL1 containing more training on "phishing." Both courses do NOT contain much of any threat hunting and are left for their next level courses. 
    • Security Blue Team is not even a year old and will not have notoriety in the industry nor the backing for major security frameworks or government specifications\standards.  
    • I am pulling for them, we need more blue team oriented certifications to be recognized by major security standards.
    • Ultimately you should always identify the return on investment. That would be from a monetary perspective or from a skills gained perspective. 
    • I personally did not need this cert based on ROI, my 5 year plan, industry recognized certs I already have, and experience in doing certs that have not really helped me land a job (but were only talking points amongst other engineers). 
    I would recommend BTL1 for any new aspiring cyber analyst, junior security engineer, security analyst, etc. 

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