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anybody used training software to prepare for their CCNA? any thoughts on what a good suite is? let me know if you have an opinion.


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    You asked for software, but if I would have to do the CCNA again, I would go for a Cisco Press CCNA book and the router simulator from or

    If you haven't tried them yet, watch a free video at
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    Johan, would recommend the routersim simulation package for the CCNP. The reason I ask this is because it sounds more economical than buying actual routers & switches.
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    Yes, unless you are planning on buying actual routers & switches ;)

    The simulators are not only useful to pass the exam, but IMO actually do count as hands-on, making your eventual job as a Cisco networker a lot easier.

    I just checked the CCNP routersims again( and considering the price, a simulator sounds like a great idea. But if you are seriously planning a Cisco career, I would go for the actual lab, buy two routers (and perhaps 1 switch) for your CCNA and keep expanding during your CCNP/CCIE studies so you can do everything without paying for expensive courses and at the same time have a great playground which will proof to be useful during your entire Cisco carreer.

    Sometimes, on, you can get used Cisco (25XX) routers for less than the cost of one exam...
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    Decided!! No more simulators, going for the real thing. The only problem is even second hand routers/switches are quite expensive down here is Australia. But like you say it will be rewarding in the long run.
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    There are few things sweeter than your own Cisco lab :)
    The only problem is even second hand routers/switches are quite expensive down here is Australia
    I got the same problem, compared to used routers on Ebay I'd have to pay about 5 or 6 times as much icon_sad.gif I'm still looking for a good bargain. If I would buy at Ebay the shipping cost would be higher than the cost for the equipement icon_confused.gif

    Good luck!
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    Wow... I just checked some local auction sites, some 2501 being offered... less than 50 bucks, including cables, and for some I can choose the IOS. I just placed a bid on 6 of them, hopefully at least 3 of them will end up in my office (= living room). Now just to find a couple of switches :D
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    Yeah... the thing with the cheap ones is usually the IOS edition and version or the amount of RAM... I hope I can get more info tomorrow. I really need those to create more TechLabs for the CCNA and CCNP exams. I'm quite sure about most things I need to know to create them, but trying it out in a real lab before I put them online is essential. 1 command too little or too many might prevent the config from not working entirely correct. As with studying for Cisco exams, it's much easier to write for Cisco exams when you have the equipment, and I do want to finish my CCNP one day... icon_wink.gif
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