Recruiters - The bar got lower somehow

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I really need to rant this out.  I wish there was a public form to shame really bad recruiters and recruiting organizations.  Now I get a lot of bad recruiter offers via LinkedIn on a regular basis and some of them are just hilarious like "A+ tech $12 an hour, we think you'd be a great fit"..  I'm in Info Sec so that job (although I'm sure a good start) is quite a bit less than what I'm currently at. 

Today I had arguably the dumbest recruiter email possible.  Fresh out of college with a BA in Biology and no prior work experience listed, he is a "Recruiter" for a fairly large recruiting company.  Emails me via LinkedIn with a seemingly thoughtful email talking about coming across my account, reading through my resume and listing skills, etc..  Then he lists the position and company.  Position is like a Jr. Analyst position AT the company I currently work for (LOL).  So his entire email was probably auto-generated but how embarrassing to accidentally email a Senior Info Sec resource of the organization he's recruiting for, for a position that I could possibly even be interviewing candidates for..  I told him he should actually read before sending and he replied that I was being rude and should just disregard.  I told him it was absolutely embarrassing, because if he even read the first summary on page one of my resume he would've known everything he needed to know about me and not email me.  I honestly don't know why these companies think this is somehow a good method as of now if there are interviews I am to be a part of I will certainly be very critical of any candidate coming from that firm if not outright advise against using that firm entirely. 


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    Recruiters often approach people who are not a proper fit for a job position in the hopes that the person will know someone who is a fit for the position. They sometimes say, "If you think you are a good fit for this position, or know someone who is, ...". That might be part of what you experienced.
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    Several years ago, I removed everything from my LinkedIn profile except for job titles, employer names, and education/training info. My title at my current job is simply "Cyber Security Analyst," a title which has a lot of possible functions. Last year, a recruiter contacted me on LinkedIn about a SOC analyst role. He said that, based on my profile, I was perfect for this job. How could he possibly know, given my barebones LinkedIn profile? Other recruiters have done the same. They seem to think that security analyst is a "one size fits all" title.
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    Absolutely ridiculous.  

    I run into them quite a bit.....  
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