Recommendation: Active Directory | Red Team Pentest Course.

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I've browsed through several threads across multiple platforms and would like some insight regarding a highly reputable penetration testing course focused on Active Directory and/or red teaming. Note, I'm not new to AD management and PowerShell. I hold several MCSE certifications and was a network admin prior to migrating into information security. Therefore, the approach/methodology and tools used to perform an assessment in this environment is key.

First, I'll provide an overview of the material I have so far (maybe one of these platforms I already have access to is highly recommended and most appropriate):
- I received an upgrade to the eLearn/INE platform after completing the eJPT certification, as well as the eCPPT training. Therefore, the entire catalog is available to me for one year (including the course meant for the "eCPTX" exam). Although, there is some video content available with the course material; there are only so many slides I feel that I can digest.
- I am moving rapidly through the OSCP PWK updated material that touches on several high-level AD concepts in preparation for the certification.
- HTB/TryHackMe subscriptions.

I've watched the PentesterAcademy course videos associated with AD; however, I have been considering taking the AD bootcamp in 2021. The reviews I've read for the bootcamp(s) were positive, but I'm not sure if the material is simply a reproduction of the video content. Additionally, I've seen the Pro Labs (RastaLabs) listed in HTB, which are very reasonably priced and seem to be highly regarded, as well.

The objective is to migrate to AD (or read team) training after completing the OSCP in a couple of months. Certification is not a mandatory requirement.

If anyone has first-hand experience with any of this material and can provide insight into training that would be most beneficial for this area of expertise, I would be very grateful.

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