Passed CASP+ (CAS-003)

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Passed the newest CASP+ today. Overall I felt the test was an interesting mix of technical skill and GRC with some CySA+ material mixed in.  SDLC was hit pretty hard which I found interesting.  All in all a fun experience . I have held CASP 002 sine 2016 so I figured it would be time to update my knowledge. 

For preparation I read the  "All in one" or Red and Gold book  for CASP.  Took about one week to read and then tested today.  Simulations were pretty good   I enjoyed them.

Took the exam so that I can have the newest version.  I have a feeling my employer is going to want to the newest version of every certification I have, better to get started on the plus up sooner rather than later. 


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    When did I take the original CASP? 2013? Ugh--the exam objectives are so different now. I should at least read through the AIO to know what's on it now.
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    I took CASP 002  on Sep 16th 2016.   The exam objectives are very different. I have never been in position where having the absolut newest certification mattered. Students will actually check when I was certified in what I am teaching and if it isn't the newest version, sometimes they will put crazy comments in their course review. And crazy comments turn into a resume generating event for me. 
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    I think I know exactly who you are or someone like you.  Yeah, you should have the most up to date version of the exam under your belt if you're going to teach it and in all reality you should have real world experience. If I did indeed attended your class, it was a complete train wreck.
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    Just looked in the Red and Gold book. As someone who works with the DoD, surprised there was a blurb about INEs.

    The exam seems less technical but still covers security technologies. Seems a little more management, security high level.

    Congrats on the pass.
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    It was fun.  

    @Buckeye222 Sorry you had a bad experience. If you took CASP  it wasn't me, I was slotted to teach it but never did.  

    Instructors are required to keep a particular satisfaction rating  which I believe  is 80%. Again...shoot me a PM  with which course you took and when.  

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    Grats on your pass, prob wasnt you.  It was the only training I was allowed budgeting  for, for  the year and the guy basically read from the book.  He had no real experience and it became painfully obvious. Reviewing his profile he only had CASP -02  and was previously working at a restaurant   My training blown for the year.
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    Sorry you had a bad experiance.   If you attended Signal U in Kuwait  shoot me a PM . I can  try to help you out. 
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