Does a (ISC)2 certification count towards SANS renewal credits.

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My GREM is needs to be renewed in Jan, 2021, but my companies training budget has been cut, it's unlikely I'll be able to take another SANS course to meet the CPE renewal requirements. Work experience only gets me 12 CPE's, It's unlikely to be any security conventions this year due to Covid, Now it does mention other certifications, like a CISSP, but it says "Other accredited professional training or certification", but it wants the number of credit hours, so it leads me to believe that classroom training hours are required, just getting books, studying my butt off and passing the CISSP certification, but not classroom training hours. I want to make sure obtaining an CISSP is going to give get me the CPE's I need before going though the effort required. While the CISSP is valuable certification to obtain on it's own, it's so much sweeter if it helps maintain a good standing with my other existing certifications.

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    I assume GIAC understands that physical security conventions and classroom training are not like to be happening for much (all?) of 2021and will make allowances for collecting CPEs. I'd suggest contacting GIAC for the official word and report it back here.
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    Honestly, I use all certification preparation for all credentials and never have an issue. I even estimate self-study hours, use internal company trainings (security related of course), and even passing of exams. I could be wrong about this, but I do not think any of the vendors really care what it is you are submitting as long as it is somewhat reasonable and most importantly payment is submitted  ;)
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    GIAC confirmed that a CISSP Certification is enough to renew Two GIAC Certs. Now I just have to get the CISSP, piece of cake. :p
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    I have to renew GCFA and GPEN end of 2021 and I'm out of luck, honestly don't know what to do at this point...

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    Plenty of free options if you properly research and plan out your renewals.  Example: Work experience + Free SANS Virtual Summits + Free NetWars CyberRange 
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    SANS have 3 free Summit(Cyber Threat, OSINT, and ICS)  in Jan-Feb-Mar, 2 days each, 36 total CPE. There is a max of 18 from this category and it can apply to only 1 certs.. 

    Alternatively, there is a lot of webcast from SANS, so getting your 18 CPE for you 2 certs is easily doable. 

    The Work-Experience could easily get you 12 CPE,

    Also, there is a "Cyber Ranges/Activities" category, and I am reached out to them how I could submit some TryHackMe or Hackthebox hours as CPE. IMHO, those hours are as pertinent as most webcast specially as a GPEN. 

    GIAC certs are "harder" to renew with their max per category unless you take a SANS class (expensive option to renew)

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    With SANS, experience dictates that to fully get the 36 CPE's, the best way to do is to attend another course, resit the exam or write a paper that gets published. Otherwise there are limits as to how many CPE's can be claimed. In order to make sure you still get the 12 CPE's with other training, the cert to be attained has to be ANSI accredited I believe. 
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