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Hey guys so I'm currently in my masters studying data analytics and graduated from my undergrad in Computer Forensics and Cyber Security. 

After I graduated, Covid messed some things up and the job market definitely took a hit (UK summer time)  so I told myself instead of waiting around to see if I could find a job I would equip myself with a masters in data analytics. Programming was my weakness because I didn't study any core programming units for 2nd and 3rd year and in relation to entry level cyber jobs, data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, data management etc was all I could see on job listings, so I said that if i can't find an entry level cyber security job next year, I would just go into some kind of programming role, maybe specializing in data. 

My issue is that despite enjoying some parts of the course, it really is nowhere near as fun as modules i studied in cyber security and honestly I miss it. I also understand that even though i have a degree in cyber security, the type of jobs I'd want out of it (Pentesting/red team/offensive security) require advanced knowledge and practice (especially if you don't have experience!) 

In conclusion, my question to anyone who is in this field or has any info that can help me is, what are the best certifications to earn on top of my degree and masters that would boost my cv for high level offensive/defensive security jobs. 
I personally came across things like CompTiaSecuirty and CEH but they seemed a little easy, especially the CEH just being multiple choice. I also came across OSCP as I was sent an old 2014 OSCP offensive security file with all the video tutorials inside. I was going to try and make my way through what I could of this (some things are probably outdated). Is there any other, more relevant certifications I am missing? Also, is there any good resources that aren't for beginners? Maybe intermediate to advanced? 
I also bought "Advanced Penetration Testing: Hacking The Worlds Most Secure Networks". I was aware this is probably an advanced book, but I planned on making my way through it while using my kali machine and making notes on things I don't know. Can anyone vouch for this book? 

Thank you for taking your time to read this, I know its probably quite long. Any feedback on this would be appreciated. 

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