IPV6 question.

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As IPV4 is phased out for IPV6 will becomes the defacto standard, I have a question on how you read an IVP6 adress.

Example. On an IPV4 setup The 192.168 is the system address and 5.89 is the host adress. I have IPV4 down. However. I am haveing a hard time understanding on a IPV6 address.

Useing this Example from the Tech Notes. what part of this address is the system address and which part is the Host address???

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    Exactly like IPV4, you need the mask to work out the network address.Your example above is also incorrect, is a natural class c address with 24 bits for the network.Therefore the network address would be, that is assuming its using the natural /24 bit mask.You could have (i.e. mask then the network address will be, for ipv6 you follow the same rules FEDC:BA12:ABCD:3210:FEDC:BA98:7654:1234/16 would mean
    FEDC:: is the network address.The /16 represents 16 bits of subneting.
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