SDWAN and questions please

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Hello I am back ! hahahahh
hey I have question for you guys gals.
I am going to build a SDWAN lab. I have the 4 images I need for EVE NG lab. 

Do these work in GNS3 and CML lab?
Do I need to pay for a license for the vbond, vmanage, vsmart and vedge ios images?
Is VIRL now CML Personal ?


robert (itdaddy)


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    you can do Sd-WAN labs in Gns3 and EVE and probably in Cml too however I cannot confirm this. You don't need licenses but you do need a cisco virtual account to generate your serial file which is required for your vedges and cedges. In my lab I have the Controllers on esxi and the vedges i run them inside EVE,  but you can run every thing inside EVE. There is a lot of info out there. Just ask your friend Google.

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