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Hello colleagues!
I have a somewhat unusual question ...
How much will an MBA diploma from this business school be valued in the US? 
Name of School: Institute of Business Studies (IBS-Moscow). Site: eng-ibda.ranepa dot ru
A brief summary of the school: the program accredited by AMBA and NACBME, the school has AACSB accreditation, # 58 (FT Europe, 2020), 4 palmes / 1 (EDUNIVERSAL, 2019), # 1 in Russia.
What are the approximate online alternatives in terms of value for employers in the United States and how much do they cost (approximate range, to understand the cost / benefit ratio)? I am facing a difficult choice. I would be grateful for any opinions


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    What's the name of the school?

    For MBAs, I would personally choose the highest ranked school possible Brick & mortar. Second best option (in my opinion) would be a highly ranked online school.

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    I apologize, for some reason the link was not attached. It's "Institute of Business Studies (IBS-Moscow)". Site: eng-ibda.ranepa dot ru
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