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Hello there!

Quick intro: After many years of working within the world of digital marketing & advertising, in 2017 I switched career lanes and moved into the world of Data Protection, Information Security, and Privacy. My motivation at that time was the imminent arrival of the EU GDPR and in early 2017 I invested in various training programmes on the subject by completing the GDPR Practitioner course (which I later found out was an expensive way of obtaining piece of paper that means little or nothing - yet is still being offered as a course by training organisations!). I then took the Certified Information Security Management Principles course offered by BCS and after that I completed the Prince2 course. I launched my consultancy business and whilst working with a a handful of clients, I also went down the IAPP route and obtained the CIPP/e and CIPM certifications.

2020 has been a very challenging year for lots of us, and for me having struggled to find a role either as a contractor or as an employee, I decided to study again and completed the ISO27001 Lead Auditor certification, and after many months of still no employment I decided to read into cloud computing via AWS. In December I took the AWS CCP exam and passed (score of mid 800). I am now considering going for the next certification (may as well given the incentives they offer once you pass one certification) but am really trying to find that next role. My rationale for adding the cloud computing certifications is to deliver solutions for organisations that help deliver the technical and organisational controls around Data Protection, Privacy, Information Security, and - as a value-add/kicker - where those organisations (particularly SME's) who still use traditional on-prem ICT equipment there's a possibility of moving to more secure environment that is more agile, and probably more cost-efficient, then (using my project management learnings) I can help pull the required resources to deliver an all-encompassing solution.

Any help/thoughts/feedback/pointers to a direction that can help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks (and apologies for the long-winded/therapy-styled post!)

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