We have a job for you, and your a perfect fit!

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The job is on the other side of the country, it's a 6 month contract and is for a job title or skills your resume isn't close to satisfying. When can you start?

I'm sure anything who been in IT for awhile, receives these sales pitches on a regular bases. And it got me to thinking, what amount would I seriously consider accepting a contract position on the other side of the country, assuming of course it's a real position, I qualify for. Not fake jobs recruiters send out to collect resumes.

In my situation, I have a full time position as a company employee with benefits. I know some people feel that Full Time Employees really do not have any more job security than contractors, but in my experience when budgets get tight, the contractors are the first to get cut.

To start with any offer would have to account for the changes in Cost of Living, existing benefits, an incentive to leave the job security of a full time job, incentive for moving  and for course an increase. I don't think I would accept anything less than 250k, assuming a COL index of 100, even more for some where like New York City or San Francisco. Of course my situation could change tomorrow, the location I work at could close for what ever reason, and I would be more open to accepting less., maybe 249k. :p      

Still searching for the corner in a round room.


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    I really love the jobs that are listed as remote, but have to be onsite in a specific state.  I understand the job is considered remote for the recruiter/job agency that is advertising it, but I think most people searching for remote jobs are looking to work from their home and not remotely at a client’s office.
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