Going after ISSEP

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I'm going after the ISSEP. So far I have the following recommended materials:

1. ISSEP CBK (very old, covers outdated material - NIACAP, DIACAP, IATF 3.1)

2. Suggested reading list from ISC2  (NIST pubs)

3. NIST pubs (800-160v1, RMF manuals, Disposal, Risk Assessments, etc)

4. ISSEP online training (don't waste your money, it's summed up by "let me read the NIST pubs to you")  and it still teaches the IATF 3.1 2002 SSE framework.

5. CCCure.org questions (131 questions and all are from 2014)

Anyone have any advice on how / what to focus on ?  Study questions?  Areas to not waste your time on?, etc. There are some great write ups on this forum from 2012-15 on how best to proceed but nothing recent other than "I've passed".  I know for the CISSP it's "think like a manager" , "processes" , "Ready, aim, fire".

Any help would be appreciated and would help the community as well.   Post below or send me a message.

Thanks again! 


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