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I’m student with little knowledge of security
I wanna take the new version of security exam which is S601.. I didn't take any exam of comptia before..
Any advice? How long I will take to ensure that I studied very well?
I'm confused a little I need some help.. Thank you!


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    All depends on the person . Some people study for 1 week some people study for 3 months.   If you have zero background you might want to study for 2-3 months . 
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    You need to understand how you best study. To improve your study skills, you need personal instruction and support that the online experience can't give. Brief words-of-wisdom from what people write online will do very little for you.

    That being said, start with the exam objectives for SY0-601 and check what topics you already know. Watch some of the video on Security+ videos on YouTube to get a feel for the topics. Get an idea if the Security+ material is something that interests you. It's a lot of material to cover, so don't worry right now how long it will take you to understand it all.

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    I would echo what @balance said on the fact that the actual length of time it takes depends on how comfortable you are with the material.  It will depend on what work / education background you're coming from too.  If you're coming from a non-technical work or education background then you would not have a clue about security, not even IT (Information Technology) which is the pre-requisite knowledge for security.  So I'll give my opinion on how best you go about this from either of the backgrounds.

    1. Coming From An IT Background (meaning you're familiar with routers, IP addresses, general networking).

    2. Coming From a Non-IT Background (you're not familiar with routers, IP addresses, general networking).
    • I recommend familiarizing yourself with routers, IP addresses, and general networking by:
    • .....Watching the CompTIA A+ Training Videos (CompTIA A+ 220-1001, and CompTIA A+ 220-1002).  As this is just familiarization don't .....take any certification exams.
    • .....Watch CompTIA Network+ Training Video (As this is familiarization don't take any certification exam)
    • ....Now proceed with the steps in Option #1 above (Coming From An IT Background)

    The important thing is to first determine what category of certification seeker you are and then go through either option #1 or option #2.  Have fun on the Security+ journey and hope this helps.

    B.Sc (Info. Systems), CISSP, CCNA, CCNP, Security+
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