291 exam "Beast" ????Overhyped???

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Im currently studying for the 291 exam with the Sybex book and so far every chapter has been fairly reasonable. The DHCP and DNS chapters are pretty straight forward, ive set up DHCp scopes and DNS several times for every server build and every thing i came across in the chapters wasnt new to me. From what ive been reading every one has said this is the hardest exam and that it is all about DNS and DHCP, how hard can it really be? Im fairly confident from my studyin that ill be good. Im gona book the exam in a month, to give me time to go over book 3 or 4 times. I have a server and 2 xp pcs at home for lab practice. Plus i work full time as an engineer so i have come across quite a bit of topics in the work site over the last 6 months ive been working. Im confident of nailing this at 1st attempt.


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    I found this exam tough due to the MS way off wording questions. Many questions on DHCP and DNS involved sites and connectors (stub zones conditional forwarders etc). As I administer single site networks this part of the exam was the most challenging and difficult to construct in home labs. Good luck. IMO 293 is harder than 291, but we all have our own strengths and weakness's
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    I have not taken the 293 or 294 yet, but the 291 was the hardest one for me so far. I used the Transcender as a supplement for the exam, the questions were on par as to what to expect on the real thing.

    Download the demo from Transcender and see how you do.
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    Why to you take the exam!! You will see...
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