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I have a pen test lab setup and I want to create my own DNS server which will replace the router's original DNS servers. I want all internet traffic to pass through my evil DNS as usual, but redirect specified sites to my evilginx2 phishing page. How would I go about setting this up?

Here is my current setup:

Evilginx2 running on a Digital Ocean droplet (VPS) and configured my phishing page with a domain from namecheap.com (ex: evilginxphishing.com).

Here is my idea for the DNS:

Digital Ocean droplet running dnschef. dnschef filters all internet traffic that is not specified as usual while redirecting specified domains to my evilginx2 server.  What are the commands needed to achieve this using dnschef?  Keep in mind since the DNS servers on the router will be changed to my dnschef droplet I still need the rest of the web requests to function as normal.  What commands would I use to accomplish this?

Ex: Dnschef redirects google.com to evilginxphishing.com.


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