Withdraw or Continue My Dual Enrollment Course?

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Hey everyone! I am currently taking a dual enrollment class as a sophomore in high school in a California Community college and the class is called English 001A. This class is part of my general education requirements and is an important course in college. I did not expect the class to be so difficult to manage, but it is. I am afraid of receiving a C, D, or F in the course and am planning to withdraw.
Is a withdrawal better than a C?
Would I have the option to NOT tell college admissions the grade I received in this dual enrollment course?
Do I have the option to retake the course if I get a C when I enter college in California?
Do I HAVE to mention that I withdrew from the course in my college applications?
Do UC’s and CSU’s see what grade I got in my dual enrollment course or if I withdrew from it if I DO NOT mention this class in my application?
Would this C, D, or F really impact my initial college GPA when I enter college as a freshman?
Do I have the option of not letting this course affect my college GPA when I do enter as a freshman in college?

These are a lot of questions, and I really hope I get an answer to at least some of these. I have never used College Confidential, so I am really hoping to get the best out of this website! Thank you all in advance!


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    I withdrew from a course once in college. It shows up on my transcripts, so there's no way to hide that I know of if transcripts are requested. I also was put on academic probation at one point, and I THINK that withdraw contributed to that (as well as some other unfortunate decisions). If I remember correctly, I then had to pay out of state tuition ($$$) if I wanted to continue going to that college. These were things I had no idea would happen, I simply thought I would withdraw and that would be that. I would have taken a C instead.

    If I were you, I would speak to your professor about your concerns to see if there are any options to complete the course with a passing grade.

    I would absolutely speak to an advisor/counselor about withdrawing so they can tell you ALL the possible things that come with it. We are not familiar with their policies and procedures.
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