Writing CASP in a few hours

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On my way to the test centre shortly to write CASP....Will give feedback on pass/fail and how the exam was later, very apprehensive about this exam for some reason...lol!


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    Ok, passed this...Not quite as bad as I thought it was going to be....shouldn't read too many negative reviews about it....Spend some time studying and researching and you should be fine...I finished with an hour to spare...that's after checking all the questions.....Answer what you can....and flag what you cant...take your time...think like a CompTia exam writer who is choking on a dictionary as well....Way too much padding in the questions....I do have S+ and CySA+ so it wasnt a totally shot in the dark...

    I used the Sybex study guide and another Sybex 1000+ questions.....the All in One Guide....Troy Mc Millan CASP guide....Jason Dions courses on LinkedinLearning....a course on Cybrary..cant remember the name....and another course on O Reilly Learning. As well as all the random questions you can find online...

    I also made sure with exam to Google whatever I didn't understand or had a hazy view of....

    So remember....its not that bad (Im a freelance IT guy with minimal real world security exposure other than ACLs and the like)....! Just study and take your time....

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    Congrats on the pass and thanks for the write-up.
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    Congratulations bro.
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